Why to Choose Ceramic Cookware

Why you must choose Ceramic cookware over Teflon coated cookware

Choosing the correct cookware for your kitchen is arguably the one of the most vital jobs while setting up the kitchen. If not done correctly, you can end up hassling all day in the kitchen and not getting anywhere. Furthermore, If you still use regular stainless steel frying pans or cast iron griddles, the discomfort is on a whole different level. The only solution for quicker, easier cooking is switching to non-stick coated cookware. This new addition will not let your food stick to the cooking utensils resulting in easy cleaning. Moreover, the non-stick coating distributes heat evenly, facilitating faster cooking and lesser fuel consumption.

Teflon coated vs ceramic coated cookware

As of present, there are two kinds of non-stick coated cookware available in the market namely Teflon coated cookware and ceramic coated cookware. Teflon is a brand name for ‘polytetrafluoroethylene’ which is a polymer with non-stick properties. Both of them no doubt are exceptionally good in terms of performance and customer satisfaction. But, Teflon coated cookware however is associated with some safety related arguments. It is a well established fact that Teflon releases some toxic fumes into the environment when introduced to higher temperatures. However such fumes do not have any extreme effects on humans but can prove fatal to birds. So, owing to the above argument, people in recent years have shown a reduced interest in buying Teflon coated cookware.

Not long ago, at times where Teflon started gaining all the negative attention, there was introduced a new non-stick coating with all the desirable properties same as Teflon coating but without the toxic nature it was criticized for. This new ceramic non-stick coating was derived from earth and was found to be inert at higher temperatures. It is essentially made from clay which makes it chemical free. Moreover, it is inorganic in nature, meaning it has negligible carbon dioxide emissions while manufacturing. Owing to the many benefits it offered, this new invention took the cookware industry by storm. Before much time, households that signify health and hygiene, started to replace Teflon coated cookware by ceramic coated cookware.

There is obviously a recommended range of temperatures within which Teflon coated cookware are safe to use. But, to be on the safer side, it is advisable to completely avoid the use of such chemically active cookware. Instead, one should opt for ceramic coated cookware which offers almost the same benefits as Teflon coating without the risk of leaching chemicals into your food and the environment. Only care to be taken while using ceramic coated cookware is to use less fat while cooking. As using more fat would require rigorous scrubbing leading to decreased service life of the products.